🥸 API documentation for stupid.chat

Example: curl

Replace %TOKEN% with the one you generated at the stupid.chat home page.
# Get message curl -A "MyClient/1.0" https://api.stupid.chat/v1/%TOKEN% # Send message curl -XPOST \     -d "message=hello+to+all+my+online+friends" \     -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" \     -A "MyClient/1.0" \     https://api.stupid.chat/v1/%TOKEN%

Available parameters:

  • font: 6x13, 10x20, 5x8, tb-8, Dina_r400-6, tom-thumb
  • color: valid hex color e.g. D9D9D9
  • bgcolor: valid hex color e.g. A0A0A0
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